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Inspired by the likes of Dragos Roua, who was initially inspired by Darren Rowse, I’d like to present the 7 Links Challenge.

As TMP has grown from a tiny seed to a tall redwood, there have been articles that inspired, confused, helped, irritated, motivated, and much, much more. Unfortunately many of you may have only caught on to our simplifying movement at TMP within the last few months. That is okay though because the 7 links challenge will help you feel like you have been a part of the success from day 1.

Let us begin:

1. Your First Post

The first post ever written at TMP was title inspired The Minimalist Path. This article gave an identity to the focus of the site which still rings true today. However, the first true general article was 6 Reasons to Reduce Clutter Today. To this day, it still is one of the most popular articles at TMP.

2. A Post You Enjoyed Writing the Most

I hate (strongly dislike…I guess) New Year’s Resolutions. However, this past year, I decided to jump on the bandwagon to help everyone who does them out. So, I wrote 15 Ways to Become a Minimalist in 2010. Surprisingly, this article was caught by quite a few people, many of which have implemented throughout the year.

3. A Post Which Has a Great Discussion

I was a bit worried when I posted the article Pray Less, Do More. The article I wrote on unfit, unhealthy people didn’t go over well and when you discuss/down religious practice, people usually hate you more. I was surprised when such positive and intriguing comments came from TMP readers. I feared it would be a post I would have to delete, but people understood the basis of the article and went from there. You all surprised me on this one.

4. A Post on Someone Else’s Blog You Wish You’d Written

Not so much a post, but rather a book…Minimalist Business. Everett Bogue told me about this eBook months ahead of launch. I knew when he told me that it was going to be a major success. I knew it would help hundreds fulfill their dreams without making their lives more cluttered. Needless to say, this eBook is amazing and has skyrocketed in popularity. I am actually glad Bogue wrote this because he did a way better job than I would have. Great job Everett.

5. A Post With a Title You’re Proud Of

Just a cute, funny and catchy one…. Vegetarian Update: Meat Me in the Middle

6. A Post That You Wish More People Had Read

The article is fairly new, but Why an Empty Inbox is Productivity at Its Finest. I really thought that pointing out that this practice was key to being productive would have caught a lot of people’s eye. I was wrong. Unfortunately, not many have checked this article out while this practice has led too much of the success of TMP.

7. Your Most Visited Post Ever

4 Steps to a Minimalist Day caught on like a firestorm and over a few months quickly became a top article at TMP. The tips in this article were probably guided directly at what people entering a simplifying website wanted and the article delivered.

That was really fun. Looking back, there have been some great and not-so-great articles at TMP and the interaction with all of you has honed in the focus of the site.

***Leave a comment along with link to your favorite TMP article and why it is your favorite and I will choose the best comment. The best comment will receive a free copy of each of my eBooks as part of Reader Appreciation Week. (Please include your email as well)

Thanks for supporting TMP. I appreciate it every day.

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2 Responses to 7 Links Challenge

  1. Patti says:

    Okay, David, I had to check it out. Yes, the controversial post: http://theminimalistpath.com/2010/03/pray-less-...

    I happen to agree with your post, and I am not an atheist. I was also raised Catholic and still go to church occasionally.

    That said, I think you took a brave and thoughtful stand. I am often dismayed by the complete and total surrender that some people have to their “Higher Power.”

    It all came to a head for me after Hurricane Ivan. People would be in groups, discussing their experiences with the storm and how they came out. Inevitably, there would be people who actually said “I was so blessed. We didn't lose a thing.” blah blah blah

    You can probably already tell where this is going…

    If the people who “didn't lose a thing” are Blessed, then are the people who lost everything Cursed?

    If that's the way they think their “Higher Power” works, well then I'm taking control!

    Yes, you take control of your own life, and then there's the matter of luck.

    Do I turn to God? Sometimes, when I'm looking for strength to get through something painful. Do I think God has blessed me with the things I have? No. I was born into a good family that taught me about hard work and genuine love. I get up each morning and plan my day. I eat right, exercise, and try to be kind to those around me. The things I have are the things I work for – not God's blessings.

    Some people say “God provides.” I believe God created the heavens and earth; now it's up to us to provide for ourselves.

    Thanks for this great blog post. It reaffirmed my beliefs.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. daviddamron says:

    Great commentary Patti. Though I may disagree with your argument I think it is actually constructed well and I can respect that.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    David Damron

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