Review: Unautomate Your Finances by Adam Baker of Man vs Debt

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Let me start by saying that this will be my last eBook review for the next 30 days as I work on a few other exciting projects. I love reviewing great products by people I follow religiously. However, I feel like I am killing you all with a new eBook review every week. By no means do I think this eBook is not worthy of being reviewed here. But I want to make sure all of you are getting what you ask for here at TMP.


Don’t feel like reading my glorification of Adam Baker. Fine…..Just click here to get your copy of Unautomate Your Finances

I started following Adam Baker around August 2009 at ManVsDebt. I must say, the reason I began following him was due to my love for his title. I know, LAME, but true. However, after reading about 2 posts, I realized his site was much more than some gimmicky marketing ploy to get me to buy something. In the early months of following ManVsDebt, Adam Baker drew me in with posts like How NOT to Suck at Blogging & Tyler Durdern’s Guide to Personal Finance. However, the best article I have read at ManVsDebt and still in the TOP 5 of favorite blog posts EVER is 42 Ways to Radically Simplify Your Financial Life. 42 Ways was a great piece of work because it exemplifies minimalist finances. It addresses the need for reform within your home life without telling you impossible ways of achieving financial freedom. I want EVERYONE here to check out that article. It is powerful, practical, and usable.

As ManVsDebt has grown in not just the personal finance world but the blogging world, Baker has stayed grounded. Still maintaining the same principles of the early days, Baker has built a modest following that he relates well to in each post. Baker isn’t some financial adviser looking to may commission on your assets without doing much work. He is living YOUR life and shows you how to improve your financial situation without looking down on you or any of his readers.

Today, Adam Baker is taking a giant leap towards generating even more personal financial success for ManVsDebt and for all of you. How you ask? By making you spend more of your money on his new eBook entitled Unautomate Your Finances. (Wouldn’t it be great if I just ended the review there?) Baker’s eBook is something I have been waiting for quite some time. He promised it back in November and then again in December. Needless to say, I was irate and demanded a finished a copy be up for sale March 9th. After my demands were heard, Baker got to work on the final draft and just in time for my deadline.

What You Will Learn…

  • A Foreword by the one and only Leo Babauta
  • Core Action Steps that will help you get sh** done
  • Financial Rules you may not have realized you should be living by
  • Guide to doing your finances instead of just guessing
  • Budget Worksheet
  • Calculate how much money you really make.
  • Adopt a 2-page minimalist budgeting system you can stick to (Oooooh…I heart minimalist practice)
  • I could really go on, but I will let Baker do that…

What You Won’t Learn…

  • How to pick up Playboy Models…(I am still working on that guide)
  • Best places to sign up for credit cards and how to get a free beer bong
  • How to become the next Eminem
  • Whether to take the red pill or the blue pill in the Matrix

Despite missing those last few things, I think this eBook by Adam Baker of ManVsDebt is great for everyone who needs financial guidance. If you are so wealthy that you could care less about “unautomating your personal finances” than feel free to go pick up PROJECT M-31 just for the heck of it.

I hope all of you get a chance to check out Baker’s eBook. It is great!!!

Click Here to Get Your Copy of Unautomate Your Finances by Adam Baker

* Yes, there are affiliates links here. My girlfriend says I need to take her out more often so any commission will help.

David Damron

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4 Responses to Review: Unautomate Your Finances by Adam Baker of Man vs Debt

  1. The one thing I really want to know is, why “UNautomate”? I LIKE having my finances automated… it’s built up $500 in savings for me by having a portion of my paycheck automatically transferred to my savings account. What benefit accrues from unautomating?

  2. admin says:

    Baker explains the “UNautomate” part very well in his eBook. It still employs many automation processes but once you have gained control of your finances.


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  4. Hugo Shelley says:

    Great read right here. Thanks for the share.

    I’m planning on taking up a loan for a small business venture anytime next year, and this will really help me evaluate my options more.

    Thanks for the share.

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