7 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself Today

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The human mind loves to be pushed to it’s limits. It love to work extremely hard to resolve an issue. The human mind thrives under pressure. It anticipates that which we never even knew would or had occurred. The human brain is an incredible work of art and providing it with simple challenges will keep it fresh and alive.

The reason why we are discussing ways to challenge your mind is because simplifying one’s life, from the chaotic state it may currently be in, takes a lot of thought process. To simplifying the many factors in our lives we must anticipate the challenges to change, counter the pull of the former unwanted lifestyle, and develop new habits that assist in the simplifcation of our day to day lives. By no means is this easy. However, by having a mind that is capable of challenging itself frequently, the daily simplifying process is made easier.

Here are 7 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself Today

  1. Perform Balance and Coordination Exercises. Physical fitness is extremely important to the mind and the body’s capability of continued strain in other situations. Try some from this non-affiliate link…click here.
  2. Begin Learning a new language. You may uncover a new interest for intercultural relations and your left temporal lobe will love you.
  3. Start a Blog. It costs nothing, you learn a new skill and your write…a lot. Go to WordPress for a free one.
  4. Learn a New Trick. Get different, unused parts of your brain thinking by learning a short trick. Here are two of my favorites both by Tim Ferriss… pen trick and fork.
  5. Sit Still and Breathe. Relax your mind for 10 minutes so it can regain it’s strength. Sit with eyes closed and in silence. This may be tougher than you think.
  6. Break A Routine. If you always write or eat with your left hand, start doing it with the other. Simple, tough and effective.
  7. Buy a Rubix Cube. This will be frustrating and fun. If this is too difficult, check out other mind challenging games in the toy section of a local department store to enjoy this mind challenge.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks to challenge your mind will lead to a more productive and useful brain.

David Damron

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10 Responses to 7 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself Today

  1. Vita Reid says:


    What an incredibly helpful article you have written about ways to strengthen the workings of the mind, David.

    Writing a blog is certainly challenging as well as solving the rubix’s cube.

    The difficulty involved in learning to play contract bridge is one of the many reasons I chose to take it up. It strengthens the mind.

    I had the pleasure of reading a book called The Brain That Changes itself where it talks about how the neural pathways of the brain change to meet the challenges of the tasks at hand.

    It is interesting that you suggested that we learn a new language. Just yesterday one of my blog subscribers from taught herself to speak several languages and I have already undertaken to study german for 30 minutes a day.

    Thanks for the post.

    Keeping it easy and breezy where less is more, Vita.
    Vita Reid´s last blog ..Four Ways to Get Rid of Things My ComLuv Profile

  2. Haha I just complete number 4 (learn a new trick) by teaching my blog a new trick: apture. Thanks, I’ve been meaning to find that plugin for a while.
    Nathan Schmitt´s last blog ..SURG.up Day 13 – How to (Really) Breathe Correctly [Lesson 1] My ComLuv Profile

  3. Becky says:

    Love this list! I tried #5 today, and it was so relaxing!

  4. jamesmucci says:

    Some great ideas to help challenge my brian. I work in a stressfull industry where I help clients with getting Michigan refinance loans approved, so I see plently of changes, but the breathing exercise and the rubix cube ideas may help distract me a bit.

  5. Mahmoud Ali says:

    thanks David for these Cool tips and it really has  worked with me…..

  6. Mahmoud Khatab says:

    David , thanks for these wonderful  tips and i believe it would help me a lot. i am trying them today :D

  7. Keeping yourself sharp by being active for both mind and body is a great benefit as we get older. It's really satisfying to have something or anything to do in your life, right? Even if we're already working, there's still a ton of learning opportunities out there, no matter how old you are, or  no matter how far the distance you've traveled.

  8. Fernandcoei says:


  9. Iii says:

    I was going to read this article but when I saw “Rubix Cube” I decided it's probably not worth it, because the author doesn't even care about correct spelling…

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    which blog platform are you using for this website?
    I’m getting sick and tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform.
    I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

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